Bendit_I/O is a system that allows for wireless, networked, and mediated performance of circuit-bent devices, giving artists a variety of new methods for performing with repurposed technology.

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Bendit_I/O in action:

Designed for musicians, visual artists, and hardware hackers, Bendit_I/O is a user-friendly system that allows you to design collaborative, interactive experiences with repurposed, circuit-bent devices. In a typical setup, a user pre-bends a device using the Bendit_I/O board as an intermediary, replacing physical switches and potentiometers with the board’s reed relays, motor driver, and digital potentiometer signals. Bendit_I/O brings the networking techniques of distributed music performances to the hardware hacking realm, opening the door for creative implementation of multiple circuit-bent devices in audiovisual experiences. Consisting of a Wi-Fi- enabled I/O board and a Node-based networking server, Bendit_I/O provides performers with a wide option of digital performance interfaces for controlling their hacked devices. Moreover, the Bendit_I/O system is user-friendly and modular, making it a flexible toolset for artists of diverse experience levels.

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