Attaching to a Device

The Bendit_I/O board contains an ESP32 microcontroller, a six-channel digital potentiometer IC (capable of out- putting 0 to 100K ohms of resistance, acting as either resistance dividers or a voltage dividers based on the number of ribbon-cable pins you decide to connect, six reed relay switches, and a dual-H bridge motor driver. A breakout area includes buses for DAC, ADC, and 3.3 volt lines provides users with additional I/O options when designing their hacked device modifications. A dedicated 12 to 24 volt power line is supplied for powering DC motors or solenoids, which can be used to control the speed and direction of turntable motors or the press and release of tape machine read/record heads. All output signals from the board terminate in multi-pin headers or screw terminal connectors. Using ribbon cables, you can disconnect one hacked device from their board and swap it out for a different one without needing to restart or reprogram the hardware.

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