Devices to Bend

There are a wide variety of performance applications for the Bendit I/O system. A connected web-client could monitor social media feeds or changing weather data, route that data to the server, and trigger bend events on an ensemble of devices. Live performers experimenting with the board’s DAC outputs could create on-board LFO generators and control voltage outputs useful for interacting with toy keyboards or tabletop synthesizers. These additional outputs could also be useful for hacking the optical pickup unit on portable CD players or the processing chips on video equipment, allowing for more complex datamoshing in live performance. Signals from points on a hacked device can also be “sniffed” and sampled into the microcontroller’s memory through the ADC inputs. In performance, users can store these signals into a buffer and replicate them as method of modifying a digital potentiometer channel, creating local (between the circuit-bent device and its attached I/O board) and/or net- worked (device-device, data source-device, etc.) performative feedback loops.

More info on examples of devices to bend with Bendit_I/O are coming soon!. Check back in late-June for more content!